Complete, quality inspections for all types of residential buildings

The main points examined during an inspection

The J-Spect inspector conducts a detailed visual building inspection while respecting all points that are outlined as industry standards with regards to residential building inspections as defined by InterNACHI Québec

Andrea diligently focuses on the following 10 elements : the structure (observes the condition of the foundations, the walls, the beams, etc.), the exterior, the roof, the plumbing (verifies that taps, lavatories, etc. function well), the electricity, the heating, the air conditioning and heat pump (verifies if systems work), the interior (observes the state of materials such as walls, floors, ceilings, etc.), the insulation and the ventilation.

This will give you a complete and accurate understanding of the inspected property.

Specialized building inspection services

Andrea is an experienced, certified professional that specializes in building inspections for residential properties of all kinds. From single family homes to townhouses, multiplex buildings (Duplex, Triplex, Quadruplex, etc.) and condominiums for both individual units and common areas, rely on her to produce detailed, conscientious, complete quality reports for all your building inspection needs.

Pre-purchasing, pre-sale or specific consultations are all speciality services she can provide to help you better assess a certain property.

Pre-purchasing inspections

A pre-purchasing inspection allows you to assess the state of the residential property, from its systems to any signs of possible issues you should be looking out for.

Pre-sale inspections

A pre-sale inspection helps you identify potential repair work that could be required and protect yourself as the seller.


Additional services that are geared toward obtaining more specific, precise reports on the state of certain parts, or systems, in a residential property.

Detailed report

Every residential building inspection produces a complete, detailed report with specific recommendations for the client, on behalf of the inspector.

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