Inspection Services

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Make An Informed Decision

As a home buyer its important to know how long the major structures and systems of a property will last in their current condition, including the roof, HVAC unit, windows, heating system and the foundation. An objective inspection report can provide you with some perspective about potential future repairs you may need to do. We will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises and costly repairs after the purchase has been completed so you can feel confident that you are making the right decision both financially, and for your family.

Pre-Sale Inspections

Avoid Unpleasant Surprises

A pre-sale inspection can help determine if you have any issues that will likely be raised during the buyer’s inspection period and may interfere with the sale. Getting the repairs completed prior to selling will help streamline the sales process and allow you to get the most out of your listing. We have the tools, and experience needed to identify the problems that you as the seller, needs to address.

The inspection covers all areas of a home including the structure, exterior surfaces, interior, bathrooms, kitchen, and all home systems.

Maintenance Inspection

When Peace Of Mind Matters

Worried your roof has been compromised, or your foundation is a little worse for wear? A home maintenance inspection will clear up any concerns you have about the health of your house and give you a full picture of any “un-seen” repairs that need to be addressed. So whether you’re contemplating moving or simply want to know if the systems in your home are working properly, an inspection can be a huge benefit.

The Main Points Examined During An Inspection

We conduct a detailed, visual building inspection, while respecting all points that are outlined as industry standards. We diligently focus on the following 10 elements: The home’s structure, exterior, roof, plumbing, electricity, heating system, air conditioning system, heat pump, insulation and the ventilation.


J-Spect a reputable name in home inspection for many years.


Andrea Jarosh is a certified member of InterNACHI Quebec.


J-Spect brings accuracy, awareness and professionalism to the table.

What To Expect From Your Home Inspection

Step One

Home inspections can take several hours to complete depending on a number of factors. Older and larger homes can add time to the inspection. The owner can be present and ask questions.

Step Two

We produce a complete detailed digital  report with  photos and specific recommendations for your property. The Report contains all the necessary information you will need to make an informed decision.

Step Three

If you have any questions about the report, we will go over the findings  with you. We will  assist you to identify and  prioritize the more critical repairs.

Specialized Services

When Trust Matters

Andrea Jarosh is a member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors of Quebec (InterNACHI Quebec AIIICQ)

Thorough Reporting

You will receive a precise, detailed report that includes the findings in your inspection from A-Z with all relevant recommendations.

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